An Evolution in Lending.

BankSocial™ is a first-of-its-kind Decentralized Financed (“DeFi”) peer-to-peer lending platform built on the blockchain. Initially, members will be encouraged to hold $BSOCIAL crypto by redistribution of all token sales. Our vision is to build a proprietary BLOCKSCORE™ social credit scoring system and social consensus lending pool, built with the security of smart contracts, to provide asset-backed lending to the world. BankSocial is by the people, for the people.

BankSocial Markets






Contract Addresses:
ERC20 $BSL - 0x0af55d5ff28a3269d69b98680fd034f115dd53ac
BEP20 $BSOCIAL - 0x27340e737a5becbb66345d36cf4df6f0a95931d8
Member Redistribution

Get rewarded for holding in the bank with a 3% share of all token sales.

Social Liquidity

4% of all token sales are added to the liquidity pool to fund social consensus loans.

Interest Sharing

When loans are repaid, 100% of the interest is split across all token holders. See Roadmap

Finally, a financial system that rewards YOU.

BankSocial™ ($BSOCIAL) plans to socialize Lending for the world, implementing a social business that works on social capitalism. Our vision is to be the first lending platform of its kind, built from the ground up, utilizing the Blockchain to share the value created in lending systems with the people who fund the loans.

The BankSocial™ roadmap outlines our vision for building a first-of-its-kind socialized autonomous peer-to-peer funding network, secured by the Blockchain, to create liquidity and reward all token holders interest, using our BLOCKSCORE™ algorithm to analyze a member's creditworthiness.

The community becomes the lender and is rewarded for staying in the social pool by initially getting a 3% portion of all token sales. In the future, a share of all interest payments will be given equally to all token holders.

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BankSocial Tokenomics

Road map

Aggressive and realistic. Our team of volunteers knows how to build and scale successful enterprises, and our roadmap is evolutionary, but this all requires the support of the community.

Stage 1 - Mission Launch

Website launched and Ethereum ERC20 token launched with a confirmed trading pair and liquidity injection on Uniswap. The Social Liquidity Pool and reflection back to token holders is confirmed. BankSocial™ and BLOCKSCORE™ trademark initiated with the USPTO for the community by the community. Centralized exchanges are contacted to begin the rollout process. Marketing and influencer campaigns started by the community. Donations open for speeding up community development.

  • Website Launched
  • ERC 20 Token Launched
  • BLOCKSCORE Trademark
  • Token audit from TechAudit
  • 4% Social Liquidity Confirmed
  • 3% Reflection Confirmed
  • 1000 Telegram Members
  • 1000 Wallet Holders
  • Listed on 5 Exchanges
  • Marketing and Influencer campaigns
  • $250K Donations Raised
Phase 2

Begin building the BankSocial™ wallet to create a more straightforward process for buying, trading, and holding $BSOCIAL crypto and other cryptocurrencies. The community creates its first liquidity lock in the Social Lending Pool, intended to be utilized for the community consensus on loans approved by the community. Ramp up community marketing and influencer outreach. Launch on several Centralized exchanges.

  • Begin Development of Wallet
  • Launch BankSocial Official Store
  • Support Portal for community
  • First liquidity lock into the SLP
  • 5,000 Telegram Members
  • Launch BSOCIAL on BSC
  • 10,000 Wallet Holders
  • Listed on 5 more Exchanges
  • Marketing and Influencer campaigns ramp-up
  • Donations reach $500K
Phase 3

Begin development of the social consensus peer-to-peer lending platform and BLOCKSCORE™ social credit algorithm. BankSocial™ wallets to be released publicly. Begin discussions for integrations with third parties for loans that will be built on the social lending platform. Centralized exchanges begin to ramp into more significant exchanges. Continued influencer outreach.

  • BankSocial™ Wallet released
  • Begin Development of Social Consensus Lending Platform
  • Begin Development of BLOCKSCORE™ Platform
  • $50MM liquidity lock into the SLP
  • 30,000 Telegram Members
  • 50,000 Wallet Holders
  • Top 10 worldwide Exchange listing
  • Marketing and Influencer campaigns ramp-up
  • Donations reach $1MM

Lending evolved.

We intend to evolve traditional lending, on the Blockchain, building transparency and executing with only the community members in mind.

  • BankSocial™ Wallet
  • Social Consensus Lending
  • Asset backed lending
  • My Account
  • Blockchain Explorer

Available soon on App Stores: We're still in the design phase, but to the right are a few ideas for what our wallet and app will look like. We're community-driven - so if you have thoughts and ideas share them with the community on telegram.

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Core Team

We have assembled a fantastic team of volunteers who are experts in their respective fields with a combined 70 years of Technology, Cryptocurrency, Operations, and Lending experience.

John R. Wingate


Jon Shields


Eric Wingate



Our advisory team is nothing short of stellar. We have amassed advisers worldwide with expertise across various industry verticals who are involved at every level.

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Be a part of the most incredible community in the world. We're building a social capitalism-based community, where everyone wins, right before your eyes.


You have questions; we have all the answers. Join us for a live AMA on our twitch channel to get the latest scoop on BankSocial. For now, here are the most common questions that we come across.

1 What are the benefits of the BankSocial™ social banking platform?

BankSocial™ is built by the people, for the people. This means money that traditional banks typically make when they loan out your hard-earned money is now paid to you 100%.

As a $BSOCIAL token holder, you are guaranteed with the smart contract's logic to earn your share of 3% of all crypto sold on every transaction. In addition, when lending starts, you get paid interest on all loans done by the bank.

Where we're from, we call that a WIN, WIN, WIN.

2 How long do I have to wait to get my token redistribution?

You get a share of the 3% every time someone sells out of $BSOCIAL coin. The tokenomics ensure that pumping and dumping are disincentivized by requiring you to wait until the bank operates as a lender or until your investment has matured.

Best of all, the redistribution happens automatically in real-time, with every token sale. Just sit back and watch your holdings grow in real-time; that's the beauty of the social smart contract logic.

3 When will the bank start making loans to the worldwide market?

As per our road map, BankSocial™ anticipates rolling out the Social Lending platform when the liquidity pool has reached $50MM. This will ensure that sufficient capital is in place to make numerous loans.

4 Why should I HODL my BSOCIAL token and how long should I HODL?

$BSOCIAL crypto is built on the Ethereum Smart Contract blockchain, which means everything is verifiable. The smart contract continues to accumulate your percentage of the redistribution, and eventually, the interest from loans made will be redistributed back to all holders.

No one should be forced to HODL, but we think that when you see your value increase because of the value the community is creating, you won't want to bank anywhere else.

5 What is BLOCKSCORE™ and what is it used for?

The BLOCKSCORE™ is more magic that we have created to identify a borrower's credit and lending worthiness. Unlike credit scores of the past, a BLOCKSCORE™ considers many more factors beyond just your credit scores.

It considers social profiles and other available data on the Blockchain and web to determine how much credit the borrower will receive.

6 What is the SLP (Social Liquidity Pool), and what is it used for?

The Social Liquidity Pool (SLP) is one of the most beautiful aspects of the BankSocial™ platform. Every time someone trades their $BSOCIAL crypto for other currencies, we take 4% of that, and we put it in the social liquidity pool where it is locked until the consensus lending network approves a loan to be made.

Once a loan is administered through social consensus, the person who received the loan will start the loan repayment process. All principles will be paid back into the SLP, and all interest will be redistributed back to all token holders.

To recap, not only will your coins earn 3% every time someone else sells $BSOCIAL, but you will also benefit from the interest paid on every loan BankSocial™ makes on the community's behalf.

7 How can I donate and help to expand Social Capitalism worldwide?

Donating is simple. You can click on the donate button in the header or the one below, whichever you fancy. Once you open the donate window, our BTC and ETH wallet addresses will be available for you to access.

Please copy and paste our wallet address into your send transaction on your wallet. We sincerely appreciate your support to spread social capitalism.


8 How do I convert my $BSOCIAL currency into US dollars or other currencies?

Soon you will be able to buy and sell $BSOCIAL directly on our app and website. For now, you can convert your crypto on multiple exchanges. Many more developments are underway, so stay tuned.

Currently, any exchange that allows you to buy BankSocial™ $BSOCIAL crypto will allow you to swap your crypto out for other currencies like $ETH or $BTC. Have a look at our available exchanges:

  • Uniswap
  • More exchanges available soon.

Once you have traded your $BSOCIAL crypto for $ETH or $BTC, there are many options to cash that into cash. An explainer video covering this topic is coming soon.