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We enable Credit Unions to know their customers in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way all the while reducing risk of fraud to the Credit Union with our AI KYC process.

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"Credit Unions are the intersection of CeFi and DeFi! Credit Unions are not for profit financial cooperatives that put people over profit – what we like to call ‘Analog DeFi’. This is why credit unions and BankSocial are the perfect place to partner for the digital DeFi evolution!

- Becky Reed, COO of BankSocial

Integrations for All Credit Unions

We Integrate With Credit Unions of All Sizes

We have built our Verifiied KYC credentialing to help Credit Unions of all sizes. Our base integration is designed for both small credit unions looking to add to their member experience, and larger credit unions to start offering crypto as they integrate our whitelabel or custom APIs with Digital/Mobile banking and core. We have solutions to integrate with most third parties. Don't see your Digital Banking or Core Banking providers below and want to know if we can integrate with your current provider? Reach out!

Types of Integrations

  • Single line of code, live in less than 30 days!

  • Whitelabel low code solution.

  • API Integration with Digital Banking & Cores.

Core Integrations

Verifiied™ prioritizes seamless integration with major core systems to deliver efficient and reliable solutions for your institution. Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading core systems such as Symitar, Corelation, Jack Henry, and Fiserv, among others. Whether you are a large or small credit union, you can trust us to provide the integration you need to enhance your KYC processes. We support a wide range of additional core systems, and our integration portfolio is continually expanding to offer the latest and most innovative solutions.


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Digital Banking Integrations

BankSocial integrates our Verifiied™ KYC solution with top digital banking platforms like Alkami, Tyfone, BankJoy, Banno, Fiserv, ServiceNow, Mahalo, and many more. Our rigorous verification process ensures that each member's identity is thoroughly vetted and validated, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activity on your platform. We are continuously expanding our list of integrations to offer even more options for credit unions to enhance their digital banking capabilities.

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