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The BankSocial exchange combines the finest elements of centralized and decentralized platforms into one, creating a premier user experience. The exchange reflects the core ethos of BankSocial: putting people first.


Your assets have never been in better hands, your hands

Why choose BankSocial? It’s simple - We believe in Your Keys, Your Crypto. When you make a purchase with us, your crypto is sent directly to your wallet, ensuring that you obtain immediate ownership. Don’t have a wallet? We have you covered. Download the BankSocial app now

Trade With Ease.

HOlders get additional benefits


BankSocial Exchange is first of its kind to partner with a DAO, the BankSocial DAO to offer exclusive benefits to $BSL Token Holders.


  • BSL DAO Provides liquidity to the exchange and shares fees with $BLS Token holders.

  • $BSL Token Holders are awarded the most favorable rates on the BankSocial exchange.

How Does it Work?

BankSocial offers customer support 24/7 via live chat, telegram and email.

We prioritize our customer’s security. We are PCI/DSS and AML/BSA compliant and we utilize SSL Secured Transactions for all customer and credit/debit card information.

Getting Started

  • Customers will be required to get Verifiied™ - Our simple KYC solution.

  • After successfully getting Verifiied™ you will have access to the BankSocial ecosystem.

  • Select a cryptocurrency you wish to buy.

  • Enter your wallet address - Don’t have one? Not a problem. We will create one for you!

  • Complete your checkout and have your crypto sent directly to your wallet.

HOlders get additional benefits
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Our Ecosystem is Evolving.

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Discover the ecosystem that makes up the vision behind BankSocial.


Evolution of financial services that cater to todays global needs.


Utilization of distributed ledger technology to provide novel banking services.

Credit Unions

Technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional finance.

Business Solutions

Custom tailored financial solutions for business and enterprise use.


Proprietary technologies providing seamless, instant and secure transactions.