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Finance is inconvenient.

BankSocial is a first of its kind digital finance platform, built from the ground up on the blockchain with the users as its core focus.

The individual is paramount and we believe that social capitalism will be the new way of economies evolving to support all users directly. For the first time ever, the systems are open. We give this new way of finance to the world.

Slow and Expensive.

  • Wires take hours or, in some instances, days.

  • Traditional finance has massive overhead and costs.

  • Limits and restrains customer purchasing power.

  • Reduction to business profitability and scalability.


  • There are still transactions that require in person action.

  • Available capital is very expensive and hard to obtain.

  • Not built from a mobile first perspective.

Lack of Access.

  • Financial tools are still missing throughout much of the world.

  • Processes are antiquated and burdensome reducing access.

  • The unbanked and underbanked have poor options for financial service.


BankSocial Offers simple solutions.

We're providing financial access to unbanked and underbanked communities around the world, empowering their families and businesses by facilitating their access to global enterprise.

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We ThinkSocial™

Discover the ecosystem that makes up the vision behind BankSocial.


Evolution of financial services that cater to todays global needs.


Utilization of distributed ledger technology to provide novel banking services.

Credit Unions

Technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional finance.

Business Solutions

Custom tailored financial solutions for business and enterprise use.


Proprietary technologies providing seamless, instant and secure transactions.