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With Secura Protection

#BankGrade #SelfCustody

* Once initial subscription is redeemed the NFT can still be redeemed for discounts and sold in secondary sales. Users can mint and hold without reedeming.
** Holders of NFTs will be airdropped $BSL based on $BSL, $HBAR, and Secura NFT holdings.
*** Free SecuraT(ag) on initial redemption only.
HOlders get additional benefits

Founders Edition Benefits

Collect and Hold all three Secura NFTs to unlock the Founders Edition Collectable and additional incentives below.

  • 2.5% royalty on ALL secondary NFT sales.

  • Exclusive Founders ONLY features and access.

  • Multiplied $HBAR and $BSL weighted airdrop of $BSL.

  • Hold multiple Founders Editions for multiple airdrops.

What is Secura?

The #Security layer of #SocialCapitalism

HOlders get additional benefits

It starts with Essentials.

Secura Essentials is your round-the-clock wallet protection tool. Incoming, outgoing, and dApp connections are all monitored in real-time by AI/ML to reduce attacks on your wallet. In addition, we've partnered with companies like Chainalysis to provide constant threat scanning of third party attacks on your wallet.

  • Auto actions and wallet notices.

  • Elevate your wallet's defenses against digital threats.

  • Real time transaction, fraud monitoring, and wallet scanning.

The Yin to your Yang.

SecuraT(ag) takes #MultiFactor authentication to the next level. Your SecuraT(ag) connects to your device in seconds and provides maximum protection, in an easy to configure platform, for all aspects of your wallet.

  • No monthly fee.

  • Complete control of wallet access.

  • Strengthen Secura Essentials with expanded security.

HOlders get additional benefits
HOlders get additional benefits

DeRec to Regulated Institutions

With our patent pending Decentralized Recovery tool, you never have to worry about losing your key/passphrase again. Our evolutionary platform distributes key fragments to Credit Unions.

  • Never lose your key again.

  • Your key can never be retrieved without you.

  • Quantum resistant cryptography ensures your keys are always safe.

Common questions and answers

The Secura NFT mint will occur on May 6th on the @SentX Platform.

There will be a limited sale of #NFT’s that can be purchased with $BSL, the rest will be purchasable with $HBAR. The price will be in fixed USD amounts.

Holding a #secura NFT in your BankSocial wallet will unlock that NFT’s features for your entire account.

Collect and hold all 3 NFT’s to receive a Founder's Edition Collectible which grants you special perks. You can own multiple Founder’s Editions. The Founders edition token will be airdropped to your wallet AFTER the mint is complete. You must hold all 3 NFTs until the snapshot to get the Founders edition. Snapshot announced after mint.

The #NFT can be held in any wallet, but the Secura features are usable only in the BankSocial App.

Secura features will be available by subscription in the near future for everyone, but Secura NFT and Founders Edition benefits will only be available to holders of the one time minting of Secura NFTs.

To participate in the whitelist early access on May 6th, you must hold at least 25,000 BSL in your BankSocial wallet. You can access the whitelist early access in the BankSocial App. The NFTs will be purchasable via one click Apple Pay or Google pay on your phone. Make sure your Apple or Google Pay is set up ahead of time.

Yes, the Secura NFTs give you FIRST access and ownership to the Secura products when they are released.

There are three options to purchase the Secura NFTs:

  1. First, users can access a limited presale in the BankSocial App where you can use Apple or Google Pay to purchase the NFT’s. Hold 25,000 BSL for first access. One hour later, anyone will be able to access this presale.
  2. Next, you can use HBAR to purchase Secura NFTs on SentX.
  3. Finally, there will be a limited offering on SentX where users can swap their BSL for Secura NFT’s.

There will be four different weights of the BSL airdrop:

  1. First, HBAR holders will receive the BSL airdrop. You must associate the token ID: 0.0.4431990, if you use the BankSocial App it will already be associated for you.
  2. Hold BSL to receive a heavier weight.
  3. Hold Secura NFTs to receive a heavier weight.
  4. Hold one or more founder’s edition NFTs to receive the heaviest weight of the airdrop.

No, you do not need to be KYC'd to participate in the Secura NFT drop on SentX or on the BankSocial App. However, If you are participating in the early access sale within the BankSocial App, you will need to be signed into a BankSocial account.

The Secura NFT’s grant exclusive first access to the Secura wallet protection utility features, which will be following soon after the NFT launch.

The Mint is happening soon.

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