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The Token

A Powerful tool for evolution.

The core of the ecosystem.

The evolutionary $BSL governance token originated as a simple ERC-20 token. Since then, many upgrades have been made, including expansion to the Hedera network (non-bridged) and smart contract upgrades to prepare for future endeavors.


Holders have all the power.

The $BSL DAO LLC manages the social lending pool, and the community, along with Fivancial Inc., builds additional features and multi-faceted utility components so the token holders can benefit from the tools deployed within the BankSocial and #BSLDAO ecosystem.

Tokenomics and Staking

How Does the Token work?

The core of the DAO.

In addition to social governance, the #BSLDAO, powered by the $BSL token has a powerful lending mechanism that any token holder can stake into. The best part is that aside from the 4% to fund the lending pool, your tokens are never used as leverage for borrowing.
Stake and Earn. Unstake anytime!

Buying $BSL tokens, and other cryptocurrencies with your Credit/Debit/Bank Account is easy, simply download the BankSocial Self-Custody wallet from, or download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores and get started today on your journey into digital assets.

When buying or selling $BSL tokens directly on either chain, use a slippage above 4%. Increase the slippage incrementally if the trading volume is high. 100% of the 4% buy and sell tax goes into the community SLP to increase opportunities for staking and rewards.

You can always swap for $BSL on the platform or use one of our partners.

Our DEX Exchange partners

Our CEO sits with The HBAR Bull to Deep Dive Tokenomics

$BSL Token Details

$BSL (eth)

$BSL (hts)

Social Lending Pool (SLP)

Evolving World of Benefits.

HOlders get additional benefits


The most unique component of the Token Governance model is the Wyoming Registered BSL DAO LLC. It allows the $BSL governance and utility token holders to benefit from their ability to operate as a decentralized autonomous organization, and is the worlds first DAO that allows the holders to perfect a lien position with title using on chain governance. Its Evolutionary!


  • Take advantage of reduced closing costs and fees.

  • You still qualify and receive SLP stake rewards!

$BSL SLP Staking

$BSL utility token holders are able to stake in our social liquidity pool that rewards stakers in Stablecoin.


  • Get stablecoin rewards back for staking in our pools.

  • Staking for different lengths of time.

  • Earn additional rewards while you stake in the SLP.

  • Your staked amount applies to other BSL products.

  • Multiply your rewards by combining products.

HOlders get additional benefits
HOlders get additional benefits

$BSL Loan Advantage

$BSL utility token holders benefit from their ability to stake tokens for the term of their loan and receive additional benefits over non token holders.


  • Qualify for our lowest interest rate offerings.

  • Take advantage of reduced closing costs and fees.

  • You still qualify and receive SLP stake rewards!

We're Always Improving

Our Ecosystem is Evolving.

check back often.

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