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The Token

A Powerful tool for evolution.

The core of the ecosystem.

The BankSocial ($BSL) token is the backbone of the BankSocial ecosystem and it was what we originally started out as, a simple ERC-20 token. Since then, many upgrades have been made, including expansion to the Binance Smart Chain network (non-bridged) and also smart contract upgrades to prepare for future endeavours.


Token holders get the benefits.

With our social liqudity pool, the token holders benefit from value generated by the tools deployed within the BankSocial ecosystem.

$BSL Token Information

Ticker: $BSL

Decimals: 8

Total Supply: 10 billion on the ERC-20 side and 10 billion on the BEP-20 side (respectively)

Both token contract addresses are identical (first of its kind on the blockchain)

$BSL ERC-20 and BEP-20 Contract Address:


Where to view token details:


To buy either of these tokens, for the time being, you can use default slippage (0.5%) or increase slippage to any number above that, if trading volume is high.

To sell either of these tokens, you can use 8% or above to swap out of $BSL.

You can always swap for $BSL on the platform or use one of our partners.

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